Interview of Mr. Thomas Tsavdaridis to ESTETICA

In our constant effort to see our industry from different perspectives, Estetica Export is broadening its horizons by reaching out to professionals in the beauty world who can share their invaluable knowledge and experience.

This time we are talking to Thomas Tsavdaridis, founder of Monreale, a Greek entrepreneur who has launched the internationally successful perfume brand, Monreale.

With 25 years’ experience in the perfume and cosmetics industry, Thomas Tsavdaridis’ extensive industry knowledge and expertise have contributed to the brand’s quality and uniqueness in the perfume market.

How would you introduce your brand?
“Monreale is an international brand inspired by the reality of the moment that respects the basic principle of human existence. Our philosophy is the perspective of a well-balanced planet, ready to offer up its full potential. The brand promotes sustainability and supports philanthropy. Its name comes from Monreale Cathedral, which was constructed between 1172 and 1267) in Palermo, Sicily. I came across the beauty of Monreale Cathedral and appreciated its long history. Being Greek Orthodox, I was moved by the impressive coexistence of Byzantine art and the Cathedral’s Norman, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque architecture, so I decided to name the perfume brand after it.

Our vision is to create a homey atmosphere with the rich scents of incense, which allows you to find happiness in the smallest of things. Designing a new perfume can be compared to creating a work of art: we combine all the right ingredients in order to compose the uniquely appealing character of every single fragrance we create.
Monreale was born to reveal the world of scents, creating unique signature fragrances that are carefully designed and composed by the world’s finest perfumers”.

Founder of Monreale - THOMAS TSAVDARIDIS

Thomas Tsavdaridis, Founder & CEO of Monreale Parfums

What is behind the success of your brand?
“Monreale is positioned as a premium fragrance brand, which requires a commitment to using high-quality ingredients and maintaining a level of product excellence. It is worth mentioning that the brand is associated with masculine elegance for men and the idea of embracing femininity for women. This focuses on enhancing personal style and self-expression, as consumers often seek fragrances that align with their self-identity and style. Our fragrances are “non-negotiable” for those who like to impress and they reveal the true essence of the wearer. This strong messaging and clear value proposition can set our fragrances apart in the competitive fragrance market.
Overall, the success of Monreale results from a combination of quality, sustainability, personal expression, and a clear understanding of our target audience”.

Read the whole article at Monreale: More than a Fragrance | Estetica Export

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