Monreale, the new perfume brand! 2 days filming in the Cathedral of Monreale in Sicily, Italy.

Monreale Parfums

Protagonists of the spot Ciro Torlo and Angelica Berlangeri. The voluntary contribution donated to the Cathedral was donated to the family of Jessica Campanella.

The new perfume brand “Monreale” will soon be launched on the market. “I came across the beauty of the cathedral of Monreale and I particularly appreciated its history. Being Greek Orthodox, I enjoyed the mixture with Byzantine art. This is why I decided to call the line of perfumes Monreale” says Thomas Tsavdaridis, founder & CEO of the brand. With the launch of the brand, the company aims to create a flagship store and develop it through luxury department stores in London and around the world.

The launch commercial was filmed these days inside the Cathedral and externally, on the beam side. The commercial is produced by M4associati in collaboration with Josh heron Stevens. The protagonists are Ciro Torlo – former Mister Italia, model and actor, member of the cast of the US television series Empire – and Angelica Berlangeri.

Gabriele Dimola, director of the commercial, describes it thus “the idea is to give life to an emotional commercial. The two protagonists arrive in Monreale and, fascinated by the beauty of the Cathedral, they enter to visit it. Inside they are guided by a beam of light that separates them and then brings them together. Here they have a sensory experience linked to perfume. In the following scene, Ciro wakes up in his hotel room bed and wonders if it was all a dream.

The production donated a fee for having used the spaces of the Cathedral. “Every time someone asks us to use the spaces of the Cathedral, we ask for a free contribution to be donated to charity. This time we have decided to donate this offer to Jessica Campanella’s family” explains Father Nicola Gaglio.

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